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What Are Eating Disorders?

Anorexia & Bulimia Counseling in Arizona

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Eating Disorders Symptoms

  • Unusual Behavior Around Food

  • Strange Behavior Around Meal Times

  • Being Obsessed With Getting It (food, calories, fat etc) Out

  • It’s ( Food, dieting, calories, dieting etc) An Obsession

  •  Things (behaviors, thoughts, need to be in control) Are Out Of Control

  • All Of The Above, Plus… Trauma, pre-existing mental health struggles and/or social and peer struggles

Types Of Eating Disorders

Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa
Binge Eating Disorder
Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder
Orthorexia Nervosa

Treatments for Eating Disorders

What Are the Treatments for PTSD?

When you struggle with an Eating Disorder, healing can feel like an overwhelming process that often feels counter intuitive to the way we have learned to survive.  It is so much more than ‘just eat’ and takes the process of compassion, curiosity and grace.

Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy (ERP)

Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy (ERP) is essential is helping individuals overcome fears and anxiety.  This is accomplished by gradually exposing a man or woman to the feared object or circumstance with the goal desensitizing fears.

Additionally, ERP also focuses on assisting participants in resisting the use of compulsive behaviors that might typically be used to cope with feelings of fear or anxiety.  The primary goal is for individuals to remain connected to the trigger without the use of their ritualistic behaviors.

ERP can be effective in the treatment of eating disorders as it helps participants overcome fears of forbidden foods and decrease urges to binge/purge.

Experiential therapy

This form of psychotherapy that uses nontraditional talk methods as a primary form of communication and therapeutic healing such as art, dance movement, trauma-informed psychodrama type therapy. Clients are guided by a professional in illustrating personal stories, thoughts, and/or feelings.  Additionally, these types of modalities allow clients to get back into their bodies and out of their cognitive frameworks where they often feel most comfortable and disconnected from their emotions.

internal family systems (ifs)

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Lauren has completely changed my life for the better. She continues to help me make strides towards becoming the person I would like to be and creates a safe space for me to continue to heal each and every day.

J. A., AZ ★★★★★

My experience with Lauren has been very nice, she takes the time to listen to me and comes up with solutions, or homework, which is very much needed in my case.

J. B., AZ ★★★★★

I have enjoyed therapy much more than I ever expected due to Lauren. We have been working together for a year now and although I still see a lot of work to be done, I believe I have made tremendous progress with her. I have recommended so many close friends to her for their personal journey to healing. You won’t regret the decision to have her walk with you to finding yourself and bettering your life!

K. S., AZ★★★★★


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